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Every makeup artists offer their own style with their own skills and capabilities. There are plenty of different choices when choosing the right make-up artist for your session, modern wedding, or traditional wedding depending on your desired look as well. 

Modern Prewedding Makeup

Natural, no-makeup makeup, or soft makeup are well-known and often chosen by clients for their modern prewedding session. Natural and soft makeup should enhance the beauty of your features and would result in fresh and natural look. The uniqueness of natural makeup is in the Impression that you are not wearing any makeup, but you still look ready and dressed-up. Similar with natural makeup, the soft makeup look requires makeup artists to usually use earth-toned colors to blend in with the color of your skin. This is great when you are going to have a modern prewedding session, match it with a suitable makeup artist that can match the style of your outfits and photos through their portfolio as not every makeup artists are able to create these styles.

Modern Bridal Makeup

Compared to traditional makeup, which is explained below, modern makeup tends to be more flexible. Although this also depends on your style and preferences and whether or not you would like bold or soft makeup. Most makeup artists are capable of achieving the modern bridal makeup, but looking for the perfect professional makeup artist that matches your preferences is not easy either, it's just as important as looking for the perfect dress! When finding bridal makeup artist you would like, decide on the look you would want, bold or soft. Just like modern prewedding makeup, bridal makeup does not only enhance your features, but adds to the flattering features as well. 


The bold bridal makeup relies on bold eye makeup. The eyes are often the area that is used as a statement to make your appearance even more flattering. The use of thick and curly eyelashes will further support the eye makeup. You can also combine eye makeup by wearing contact lenses that match the wedding dress. To balance the bold eye look, choose a nude lipstick and light colored blush. For a more glamorous look, choose an eyeshadow with a metallic color, to achieve the look with soft lipstick and heavy use of liquid highlighter on the shoulder to give a glowy appearance. 

The soft bridal makeup relies on the complexion of your skin rather than the eyes. The classic and glowy makeup is usually used and what you can also achieve with the modern prewedding makeup. This style displays makeup that is not excessive as the makeup artist would use neutral and earthy colors such as brown or nude for the eyes, blush, and pink to nude lipstick to blend in with your skin and give you a soft result. Some makeup artists can provide a glowy look as well by using highlighter on the high points of your face, but not as excessive as the glam look. 

Traditional Prewedding/Wedding Makeup

Traditional prewedding or wedding makeup requires the right makeup artist who can achieve it. Compared to modern makeup, traditional makeup look have rules that must be adhered to. If it is not adhered to, the makeup will not emit the traditional impression that it wants to display. The striking difference between modern and traditional bridal makeup is the impression that is displayed. For the traditional style, the makeup used is more on the bold and colorful side. This is to match the traditional clothing that will be worn which usually tends to be  glamorous with lots of accessories to add to the bold look. Make sure to choose makeup artists who specializes in traditional makeup for the best result!


Now by knowing the right makeup look that blends in with your outfits, locations, and themes, the next step is to find the right makeup artist for it. Start with Google or Instagram to look at their portfolio to make sure that they can give you the desired results.

Here are our recommendations:


It can be overwhelming when choosing the right makeup look and makeup artist for your session or wedding day. Different makeup artists offer different styles. Finding your style and knowing what's best for the specific event is crucial as well. Here are our recommendations and guide to choosing the right one for you.

Choosing the Right Makeup Look and Makeup Artist

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