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According to Youtube statistics, horror contents are usually more popular with a lot of viewers compared to other contents. Even during the pandemic, horror movies remain one of the most profitable genres at the box office. Just take a look at the latest installment of the "Conjuring" franchise that secured $200 million worldwide against its $40 million budget. The creative minds at Lentera took note of that and joined the haunted bandwagon to create One Minute Nightmare.












country with the largest number of Muslims overall in the world, still has strong beliefs in the supernatural rooted in traditional beliefs and customs. In the eastern part of Indonesia, there are still many who still often hold and celebrate traditional ceremonies to invite the spirits of the ancestors by performing various rituals and giving offerings. Others believe in inanimate objects that are believed to have supernatural powers. So, it is fair to say that a lot of Indonesians still believe in the supernatural. Not to mention with the long list of infamous night time creatures like the kuntilanak, tuyul, pocong, wewe gombel, genderuwo as well as the Balinese Leak, no wonder Indonesians think twice when walking past a dark alley or a big creepy tree!

Other than the beliefs mentioned above, the reason behind the short duration of One Minute Nightmare is that younger audiences have been drawn to short online videos, by platforms like TikTok or Vine. These quick videos serve as a distraction and attract more and more people with how brief and to the point they are. They also tend to get more engagement from people. Nowadays we are more distracted and have less time on our hands, which makes watching short videos on TikTok or Instagram a lot simpler. With short videos being a popular trend today and seeing other platforms trying to catch up, we thought that One Minute Nightmare can grab people's attention in just a minute by building tension and fear in a brief horror story.


A combination of creepy traditional tales with a short and efficient duration proves to be a perfect formula to attract audiences towards Lentera's brand. What started as a simple creative project turned out to be a powerful marketing tool, helping to grow Lentera's Instagram organically to 11 thousand followers from all around Indonesia and even from overseas. A condensed episode of One Minute Nightmare had the privilege to be one of the only Indonesian official selection for the "15 Second Horror Film Challenge" in Canada, and an episode of One Minute Nightmare titled "Selfie" won an International competition against competitors from all around the globe getting the "Best Scare" trophy.  Those increased followers and attention definitely helped Lentera grow as a brand and take it to where it is today, providing new opportunities that might not have been there without One Minute Nightmare's popularity.


So the next time you are looking for an out of the box way to grow your brand and bring fresh eyes towards your business, maybe take a look at your nearest cemetery. Who knows, maybe your local town ghost is a great marketer!


Click to watch all 36 episodes of One Minute Nightmare


It can't be denied that, just like most people from all over the world, Indonesian people really like to watch contents that include any mystery, horror, or the supernatural. Not only because of our extraordinary curiosity, but especially the curiosity about the unseen world beats the curiosity about the real world. The various folklores and mystical beliefs in Indonesia goes all the way back in history. A large portion of Indonesians, despite being the 


"One Minute Nightmare" is a series of horror shorts created and produced by Lentera as a way to tell unique and engaging short stories. Not only does One Minute Nightmare succeed to entertain its viewers with stories derived from traditional Indonesian folklores, it also serves as an unlikely source of advertisment for Lentera bringing new eyes towards the brand as a whole, showing how powerful bite sized contents can be as a tool for branding and marketing.

Bite-Sized Horror Shorts by Lentera

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