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What To Expect On Your Session with Bali's Unpredictable Weather

In a tropical climate country, Bali does not go through the usual four seasons some other countries go through, but only two. The dry season and the wet season. Not only does each affects how your photos and videos turn out, but also the ambience and the mood while taking your desired photos and videos. 

Dry Season

The dry season generally starts from April up until September. You can expect lots of sunny days during these few months and few light rainfalls as Bali's weather can be unpredictable. The average temperature does not fluctuate much and stays around 25°C - 31°C throughout the year with cool nights and mornings. However, it gets quite hot during the month of April and May while June and July are usually the more popular months for people to visit Bali and popular locations tend to be packed. Other than going to the beaches in the southern coastline and going up the mountains, rice terraces and waterfalls are some of the great places to have your session during the dry season as you can wander around without having to worry about heavy rainfalls. Overall, this season is typically pleasantly warm, sunny, and bright.

Wet Season

The wet season in Bali generally starts from October until March. October are typically still hot, but you can feel the humidity rising and get occasional light rainfalls. In the months after, just like the dry season, the weather can be very and even more unpredictable during this time, humidity rises, rainfalls and thunderstorms can last for hours, but quickly clears up right after. The chances of getting caught in the rain and seeing the sky overcasted is higher than the dry season, but you can still expect sunny and warm days too. Take advantage of the rainy season to visit waterfalls and beaches as they're not as packed with tourists compared to the dry season. Despite getting occasional rainfalls, most days are still typically warm. 

As our client, you can choose a maximum of three locations for your session. It can get quite hot throughout the day even during the wet season. So, for the first location we usually recommend outdoor locations in the early morning to catch the sunrise and the last location in the late afternoons for the sunset. During the middle of the day or the second location, we usually recommend indoor locations or a location with lots of shades to escape the heat that may cause you to constantly touch up your makeup and hair. Similarly with the wet season, the humidity may cause your hair to frizz or loosen up. 


Of course the desirable season would be during the dry season as it offers the reassurance on the good weather and lighting. You can expect the dry season to have less unpredictable rainfalls and humidity. However, don't underestimate having your photo session during the wet season. Surprisingly, our favorite moments are usually when we get caught in the rain with clients as it gives off a more romantic and intimate mood as well as create special ambience for the photos and videos taken. It's always good to prepare in case of any light rainfalls, heavy rainfalls, and feeling overheated because the weather in Bali can be unpredictable.


Whether you choose to have your session during the dry or wet season, the main thing is to enjoy the moments and have a good time. Genuine moments will translate beautifully into timeless images and videos regardless of the unpredictable weather. Don't forget, you are in Bali. It will always be breathtaking all year round!

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