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White and Black Sand Beaches

Bali being one of the most popular destinations for preweddings and weddings, offers plenty exquisite and picturesque locations. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches all over its coastline, from the popular white sandy beaches in the south to the peaceful black sand beaches hidden by cliffs that attract people from all over the world. 

What are the differences and what makes each of them special? 

The various choices of beaches for your photo or video session can be difficult and overwhelming to choose. Each of them carry their own uniqueness which can have their own outcomes when it comes to tones and the contrast of the pictures taken. 


If vast pristine white sand and clear blue water beach is your preference, then the southern coastline of Bali is the perfect choice. White sand beaches are more well known beach in Bali compared to black sand beaches, which results in better accessibility and facilities provided at the beach. However, a lot of the them are almost always packed with locals and tourists. 

In terms of the outcomes of the pictures and videos taken, white sand beaches create a brighter tone with the addition of casual or playful style to the results. 



Here are our white sand beach suggestions: 

Nyang Nyang Beach, Melasti Beach, Geger Beach, Balangan Beach, Bingin Beach

Bali's black sand beaches are usually quiet and less packed compared to the white sand beaches. They are unique and majestic in their own ways, generally hidden by cliffs which adds to their unique characteristics. However, they are less accessible as they are not a common tourist destination, less maintained and lack the facilities provided at white sand beaches. In addition to that, the rainy season can affect the look of the beaches as they tend to look dirty during heavy rainfalls. 

In terms of the outcomes of the pictures and videos taken, black sand beaches can create a more intimate and moody style to the pictures and videos taken. The tone will be warmer and have more contrast to them due to the black sand.






Here are our black sand beach suggestions:

Mengening Beach, Nyanyi Beach, Pasut Beach

Despite the differences, they are unique and beautiful in their own ways. Use this as a guide for choosing the best locations for your session with us!

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